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This site provides you direct access to thousands of on-site, professional researchers at courthouses in every U.S. jurisdiction waiting to fulfill your requests for ANY of the following records:

  • Felony Criminal Records
  • Misdemeanor Criminal Records
  • County Civil Records

  • Searches are only $14.50 and include ALL fees. For only $14.50 you will be able to access any courthouse nationwide and have physical records pulled by hand. (sample report) There are no set up fees or monthly minimum charges. The strength of CourtCouriers is the direct access system. Because you are gathering information direct from the source you get faster turnaround times at lower costs. Become a member today and experience for yourself why CourtCouriers is quickly becoming the industry leader for court records and documentation.

    You can even order hard copies of any court records straight from case numbers for just $19.00. Copies can be faxed or mailed and certified copies can be ordered as well. (more info...)

    CourtCouriers.com provides premium background services at wholesale prices. For questions email us at   info@courtcouriers.com
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